Optika Review: Dennet Tortoise

Alright now we're going to take a closer look on one of the optika's sunglasses from Dennet series, and it's called the Dennet Tortoise. So let's just take a look on every frame details on the glasses and rest assured that we won't miss a tiny bit of the design details.

Dennet Tortoise

For the look of it this sunglasses it's about trends on fashion accessories especially for girls to attract attention for the boys depends on their outfit, with the graphic design pattern on the frame usually this glasses is for women mostly but for men are less interest on the look.

But if you're an aesthetic kinda person this is the right choice for you to pick.

Dennet Tortoise

With a brown lense matches with the white and brown color on the frame pattern and it's kinda look like a jaguar body pattern and very similar to it. We design the look on this Dennet to be a fashionable sunglasses than the other Dennet series.

Dennet Tortoise

This is as far as we get on the Dennet Tortoise on every pattern designs, if you're interested to buy it go ahead and check it on our website and it's only on Optika Lunett.

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