Optika Lunett

OLA Transition

419.000 IDR

Light Responsive

SPH: up to -4.00
CYL: up to -2.00

Please upload your prescription photo from your doctor (or write it on the notes) on the Checkout Page later. Don’t forget to input AXIS on the notes if you have Cylinder.
Choose your lens product according to the size of your prescription. If your prescription is larger than the lens product, we cannot process your order.


Lensa kacamara bening saat dipakai indoor dan berubah gelap secara otomatis ketika terkena sinar matahari.

Sinar Ultraviolet (UV) dari matahari mempengaruhi molekul dalam lensa fotokromik sehingga dapat berubah warna.

SPH: Minus 

CYL: Cylinder

Installation process: 2-3 days

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